Apple iPhone X2 launch?

The timing for the new iPhone 2018 shouldn’t surprise anyone. Apple’s smartphone-focused keynotes routinely take place in early September. That’s news for noone.

When will the iPhone X2 launch? What new features will it have? And will it still have a notch. Let’s investigate what we expect from Apple in 2018.

1. A lower price

Arguably the biggest problem with the iPhone X is simply that it costs so very much. It’s an ambitious, forward-thinking handset packed full of high-end tech, so it was always going to be expensive, but it would be great if Apple could lower the price at least a little for the iPhone XI

2. An improved camera

The iPhone X has a great camera, but we didn’t find it to deliver the most jaw-dropping snaps, so there are ways in which it could definitely be improved.Low light performance, while an upgrade on past iPhones, isn’t perfect so we’d like to see that further improved for the iPhone XI. Brighter HDR shots would be appreciated too, and how about a pro mode for people who want more control over their camera?

3. No notch
While the almost bezel-free screen on the iPhone X impresses, we can’t imagine there are too many fans of the notch, so for the iPhone X2 we’d like to see Apple get rid of it and have a truly all-screen front.

4. No camera bump

One other tweak to the design that we’d like to see is a rear camera that sits flush with the back of the handset.Given how thin the iPhone X is it’s no surprise that Apple didn’t manage it on the current model and we wouldn’t hold our breath for it on the iPhone XI either, but it would slightly improve the aesthetics of the phone, as well as making it easier to use when on a desk.

5. In-screen Touch ID

Given that Apple has gone all-in with Face ID on the iPhone X and ditched Touch ID this is probably a long shot, but there are those who prefer a fingerprint scanner, and having one built into the screen would be ideal.

6. Two screen sizes

Although three different size iPhone handsets were released in 2017 the iPhone X only landed in one size, so if you wanted all Apple’s latest technology you had to be alright with a 5.8-inch screen. For the iPhone XI we want some choice.

7. Dual front-facing speakers

The iPhone X already has stereo speakers, but one of them fires downwards, whereas for the iPhone X2 we want them both to face forward so the sound comes towards you when watching videos and playing games.


Source : techradar

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