AirPods: An Overview of Apple’s Wireless Earphones

Apple Airpods by evisionshop

Apple Airpods by evisionshop

While Apple strikes the standard headphone jacks away, people are looking forward to the wireless earbuds launched by Apple instead. They are a sophisticated pair of buds with a humble pairing procedure and decent voice quality. These new revolutionary wireless earphones AirPods are available across the world. If you are hopping around the fence about buying the Air Pods, this blog will provide you an insight towards the exclusive features and performances of an AirPod.

Apple Airpods by evisionshop

Apple Airpods by evisionshop

While the whole world wonders what it will be like to wear them, if you are an iPhone EarPod user, you will be somewhat aware of that feeling. The price is not fairly cheap but the overall body and texture are exceptionally good. Taking size into consideration, the charging box will feel like a pebble in the hand. A few industry insiders claim that it is worth the price. There are no color options in an AirPod. It was launched with a basic white body. Although there were a few rumors that Apple is launching black Air Pods, it later turned out to be a hoax.

It can be used while running but is not quite recommended. AirPods don’t have a waterproof design and can be damaged if sweat pours in. While a few people had concerns about losing them during workouts, they can relax as Air Pods are not easy to misplace.  There is a special app for locating your Air Pods. No, I’m not kidding. There are many perks of using Apple. One of them is the freedom to locate your device using “Find my iPhone” app. In order to locate the AirPods, they must be connected to your iPhone. If they are out of range, you will have to search for them manually.

This wireless device claims to have five hours of battery life. It can be used at a stretch of 5 hours nonstop, and once it enters the charging box, it starts retaining its battery life. It takes 15 minutes to charge over 60% of the battery that can last up to 3 hours. In addition, it is officially said that the charging box can provide 24 hours of power to the headset, and can charge about 4 times. A single earplug can be used to talk continuously for about an hour and a few extra minutes. When one earplug is dead, the other can continue as both the buds are independent and have similar speakers, microphones, and other sensors.

AirPods support tapping actions and also possess distance sensors and gyroscopes that work together to make wonders. There is almost no delay if you are playing the song and the buds are at different places. This is where the proximity sensor works. We all know about the famous Apple Artificial Intelligence Siri. When say to Siri “Play my Favorites playlist” or “turn up the volume”.

When it comes to pairing multiple connections at once, AirPods use Apple iCloud. The iCloud syncs the headset’s Bluetooth information to all the Apple devices having the same ID, including Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch. Moreover, this feature needs an iOS 10 to work, so it may not be compatible with devices below that specification. While listening to a song one needs to click on the Bluetooth information to switch it to a computer. You can now click your AirPods to connect. This action is equivalent to pulling a headset from the iPhone and plugging it into a computer.

Talking about the sound quality Apple EarPods is roughly equal to these white earbuds. Bluetooth headsets still can’t provide a good sound quality. AirPods, on the other hand, can provide a decent sound quality experience with a little bass. When compared to other Bluetooth headsets, Air Pods have the longest transmission distance. It was tested at a distance of 15 meters including two concrete walls in between. The sound quality was consistent and did not break. There are no signs of sudden interference, and the songs in the headphones occasionally break off. Few customers claimed that Air Pods also reduces noise.  While it does not actively participate in doing so, but it is mentioned on their official website that while interacting with Siri, the dual microphone filters the background noise and make the user’s voice clearer. This technology is the de-noising which is unlike active noise reduction.

If you are not an iPhone user and wish to use Air Pods, good news for you! Air Pod itself is a Bluetooth headset. Pressing the button on the back can force it to enter a state of Bluetooth pairing. It can be paired with other devices. However, involving a non-Apple device will limit the features of the Air Pods. For example, the distance sensor fails to work, removing the song pause function.

Airpods by evisionshop

Airpods by evisionshop


When I first encountered the AirPods, I thought they will never be a must-have. AirPods are smart, and their iOS 10 combination is unequaled, but they lag some important elements. The main reason why a person wants new headphones is the sound quality, which could have been better in this gadget. I wish there were more options for the controls. If the software and controls were more flexible, the AirPods must have made to the list of must-owned gadgets.


Pros Cons
Simple to Set-up Inflexible controls
Calls and Siri work well Average Sound Quality
Durable battery life Rare Design inspiration


As it stands, AirPods are not worth the market price, but I am still hoping to see some improvements in the next generation AirPods. All in all, there is no contradiction in believing that AirPods are some of the most convenient earbuds the world has ever witnessed.



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