iPhone SE 2 may get wireless charging

Apple’s next budget iPhone, the rumored iPhone SE 2, could be like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in one way: wireless charging.

According to the latest rumor, the iPhone SE 2 will adopt a glass backing that will let it top up the battery through a wireless charging pad, similar to the 2017 crop of iPhones.

On top of wireless charging, the iPhone SE 2 has already entered mass production and may be hitting stores soon.

2017 marked the year that Apple finally made its iPhones compatible with wireless charging. Continuing the tech in budget phones will help Apple drive adoption of the standard, and spur sales of its forthcoming AirPower charging pad. Although wireless charging has been around in phones for a few years, Apple’s adoption of the tech and the Qi standard has helped unite competing standards. It gives companies a reason to innovate for better charging.

Apple’s iPhone SE is important in its own right. The tech giant’s smallest, most affordable iPhone is an Apple fan’s only midprice iOS option, versus dozens of lower-cost Android phones to choose from. It has had a single hardware refresh since its initial March 2016 release.

Rumors point to the device being released in the next few months. While some people expect the iPhone SE 2 to be more or less like the original, others anticipate a few extra changes, like no headphone jack.


Source : Cnet

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